• Strategize, Market, Commercialize.
    Strategize, Market, Commercialize.

    Plan the future, evaluate options, and choose a direction. Receive help and advice on execution.

  • Get There Faster.
    Get There Faster.

    The shortest distance between two points may not always be the most obvious.  Sometimes complex problems can be solved with structure and guidance.

  • Screen and Evaluate Systematically.
    Screen and Evaluate Systematically.

    Build a custom process or use an existing one to narrow strategic investment or product options.  Track impact results.


Thoughtful planning with the ability to translate complex strategies to clear communications. Practical applications with understanding of execution. Focus on metrics, measurements, and outcomes

  • Strategic Planning

    Organizations often struggle to get their arms around an actionable long-term strategy. Strategic thinking often best occurs in a distraction-free zone away from the daily grind. And formal strategic planning… Read More

  • Screening / Evaluation

    For organizations, governments, or universities that need to develop a technology pipeline – marketing strategy and channels are employed to create a flow of opportunities. Effective, proven programs and tools… Read More

  • Tech Pipeline Development

    Creating an influx of quality technologies in a systematized way requires the establishment of strong partnerships, credible programs, and an effective workflow. Knowing how to harvest and evaluate technologies, create… Read More

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Client Testimonials

  • Paula’s ability to identify big picture strategic goals and translate those goals into an intelligent execution plan has been invaluable to me. She knows how to incentivize all stake-holders and drive results through motivated collaboration.

    Tom Frank Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan

  • Paula Sorrell is a highly skilled resource who understands how to build and maintain a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her connections in the Tech world are extensive, with geographic reach from coast-to-coast. Her core strengths in marketing, capital access and business development make her an attractive...

    Michael A. Finney Former CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  • I have known and worked with Paula for over eight years and she has always provided our clients with the right advice at the right time, even when they didn’t want to hear it. She knows what she’s doing.

    Tom Kelly Chief Operating Officer, Automation Alley

  • I've known Paula for over a decade through Ann Arbor SPARK and the MEDC. She has always been a significant contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Michigan, and has played key roles in building and sustaining the momentum that Michigan has developed in terms of...

    Amy Cell Former SVP Talent Enhancement, MEDC

Clients Past & Present

Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present
Paula LLC - Clients Past & Present